This body of work involves learning how emotional health, personal wellbeing, and vitality have been addressed and conceptualized in different cultures throughout human history.

By embarking on gleefully curious research of myths, spiritualities, and legends, I seek to learn how humans have confronted and overcome their inner demons, dark thoughts, and ghosts. By doing so, it is my goal to nurture a better relationship with myself.

Along this journey I will share my knowledge, and by doing so I hope to normalize the often difficult act of admitting when we aren't 'doing alright'. I also hope to show though action, celebrating the process of personal growth, and the pursuit of a better quality of life.

Donut Devil - [ a story about self care... and spirits ]
My mind created a story for itself to live, with characters who provided the guidance I was not receiving in life. When I lack role models and support, I seek to build inner strength through narrative. It helps a lot!  
a short story about letting go of pain, receiving donuts
DONUT DEVIL - [ the comic ]

A sequentially illustrated story about inner demons, healing spirit damage, making friends, creating peace, returning to center, and donuts.

(inspired entirely by the short story above)


Demon Slips - [ how can I process dark thoughts? ]

What is the function of a 'prayer slip' ?

If you write something down, you understand it enough to have put the thought into words. Would you consider having done so a sort of power over that idea? -does understanding give you power?

If writing down ideas is a form of manifestation, what things in your life might also be considered prayer slips?

My sticky notes lining the edge of my desk are in a way my own form of hopeful thinking: ideas written down that help me shape my thoughts, and guide my energy into action. my post-it notes are prayer slips.

INTRO: Demon Slips
This is an introduction to my ritual of creating prayer slips to help me combat bad feelings and negativity.
Writing Demon Slips for the Lantern
I write my negative thoughts on slips of paper. Through the act of identifying them and calling out their name, I take back some of the power they have over me.
Devil Parts - [ rebirth ]

what does my birth look like?

what am I being born into?

I love printing with TPU. It's like 3D parts out of flesh. I adore the material so much I started making new body parts with it... devil parts.
DEMO: Invoke LOFT to Create Demon Horns
I show my process for creating different shapes of demon horns using the LOFT feature in Fusion360.
BUILD LOG: My Demon Parts
Short pieces of the build process that I found beautiful or enjoyed.
POST [x]: Devils Have Spades
Last year I made myself a tail. It felt transformative to spend time creating a new body part for myself, and I enjoyed it a lot! My goal is that the mechanical motion of the tail be piloted by the kinetic movement of my body. While it still isn't quite functioning as I envisioned, it's an ongoing project a revisit when I have fresh ideas and renewed energy.
BUILD LOG: Devil Tail V.2
Made from TPU. Mechanism inspire by the Bromelliad plant biology.
The Protective Yellow Kakumaki - [ the cocoon ]

where is my body comfortable? Why does an object with personal history comfort me more than one that doesn't?

why are the memories contained within an object so important to me?

what strength does an object with powerful memories grant me?

Could an object with memories tied to it be considered precious?

If an object has the power to heal me, is that object powerful?

BUILD: restoring the soul of my favorite blanket
I'm using the salvaged fabric from my favorite quilt to make a cape, or poncho, or cowl. This way it can continue its role protecting me when i need it.
The Donut Cart - [ sanctuary ]

Where do I feel safe?

Do I feel safe in my own head?

When existing is too much, where am I escaping to?

INTRO: The Donut Cart

It became a thing. I’d feel a certain kind of emptiness and when I turned the next corner, there was the little red cart. I never really figured out what I wanted off the menu. I don’t think I’ve ever order in fact. I just stand there and talk into the glowing purple haze about how messed up the world is, and how angry I am that I can’t do anything to change it. They, whoever it is, always gives me a half a dozen freshies to take with me in a brown paper bag. I leave feeling better than I did when I came, and the donuts are great.

I want to return the kindness. I want to do something nice for this person who goes out of their way to brighten my day. I want to bring them a smile instead of my pain. I had no idea what to do, or what to share, so I bought my favorite tea as a gift.

BUILD: The Donut Cart
In the months of March-April 2021 I decided to make a miniature of the head space I've been hiding out in lately.
Lanterns - [ heartbeat of an idea]
there is a link between lanterns and souls... and I will get into a long rant about that eventually.  
BUILD: a place for my demons
I created a lantern to house all of my demons. It's inspired by a totem my demonologist carries around as a source of power. I liked this and decided to do the same.
Dolls - [ put a soul in here ]
tiny demons made of hair.  
[ documentation in progress ]
BUILD: the residents of the donut cart
the avatars of my demons characters which live inside the donut cart. Lovingly stabbed into existence from wool.


Spirit Masks - [ playing roles ]

how many parts of myself are there?

How do I show them and when?

What is the function of playing different parts of myself in different contexts?

Do I do this to protect myself?

Do other people do this too?